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Gianfranco Giammattei
Realtor Associate

Gianfranco Giammattei, Realtor Associate at My 3 Invest Group

Gianfranco Giammattei
Realtor Associate at My 3 Invest Group and at Avanti Way Realty

Real Estate Advisor living in Miami, Florida focused on giving a great experience to my customers by providing the information that will be useful for their transaction. I have practice in Real Estate and Renovations in El Salvador from 2011 to 2015.

My focus is to work the areas of Coral Gables (and annexations), Coconut Grove and South Miami areas that are beginning to develop. Part of my business is focused on investors that look for a good return for their investment, I´m like a tailor making the perfect suit.

My mission will be to meet my customers needs and give them a professional service, to be a simplifier of a difficult process that is to sell, buy or invest.

I consider that my experience in renovation gives me an advantage over many; I can see and manage spaces and costs easily. I expect to use that experience in benefit of others and their needs.

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