About Us

My3Invest was founded by the need to change the paradigm of what a real estate professional advisors really is, where people usually say that anyone can be a realtor.

Can anyone be a Realtor? In theory, yes. But in practice it is something else, for example  there have been instances where  a person may have acquired the real estate license because of past negative experiences with other realtors.

The profession has been misscharacterized by these three simple reasons:

People who obtain a license only to make a family or personal purchase.

The flexibility of taking it as an additional income, or part time work.

Does not seek continuous education, causing the agent to feel lost, and therefore never be able to offer qualified advice.

Being a realtor, real estate consultant, or real estate agent is much more than that. Being a true Realtor requires a lot of knowledge at the legal, investment, market, and financial levels, even if the license only allows you to be an advisor.

To be a Realtor, the agent must be registered with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), where education continues, to say the least, is mandatory, and is the association in which a code of professional ethics must be signed, with a fixed annual fee, to be associated, and have access to the MLS system.

As in all professions, there are those who act by inertia and by simple attachment to the commission, and there are those who work with great support, responsibility, respect for the client, knowledge and continuous education.

The difference between one and the other is seen with the naked eye, and the choice is yours. However, we recommend that you take seriously the selection of professionals to whom you will place the trust of your investments, to guarantee a positive result that will be reflected in your future assets.

At My3Invest We are a team of professionals various financial areas from different countries and with backgrounds of expertise in real estate investments.   We simply know what we do, we feel committed to excellence, and we are passionate about our work for our clients’ benefit In addition, we have administrative support and resources endorsed by Avanti Way, that when in doubt we investigate.

The Team